In Review: MAC Lips – Prepare For Pleasure, Flair For Finery, and Amorous

I walked into the MAC store with the intention of leaving with 3 lipsticks from the newest Divine Night Collection (you’ve got to have a plan when you’re dealing with MAC): Private Party, Prepare For Pleasure, and Flair For Finery.


Well, I ended up leaving with two of them but unfortunately wasn’t quick enough with acting on my impulse to visit the store, because Private Party was nowhere to be found. I must say that my gas tank took a beating that day. Though, the MAC rep that was assisting me where my original search began suggested that I check out, Amorous, a color that she felt was very similar to Private Party. While it definitely looks similar to Private Party in the tube, it actually sets on the lips to more of a Pink-y/Mauve-y tone. The fact that it was a very pretty color, along with the fact that I had my heart dead set on leaving with three lippies was reason enough for me to purchase it. I mean, a girl can never have too many MAC lipsticks.

Now for the breakdown:


* Prepare For Pleasure (Divine Night Collection) – From the MAC Creamsheen class of lipsticks, this lipstick is a very classic fiery red that is sure to bring out any woman’s inner feisty. It glides on extremely smooth and sets with a very flattering sheen. Nothing more but this lipstick is needed. I feel that adding gloss or even a lip liner to this lipstick will take away from its natural beauty. Prepare For Pleasure is versatile enough for play or for the office.


* Flair For Finery (Divine Night Collection) – From the MAC Lustre class of lipsticks, its application is very easy and buttery. It reminds me of a lip balm in the fact that it leaves a pillow soft feel to the lips and is a very beautiful, light, and dewy color. I’ve noticed that it’s undertone can lean more towards a slight peachy on some lips, while a very slight pinkish on others. This is a lipstick that can definitely be played with by pairing it with a gloss on top, or slightly lining the lips with a colored lip liner that compliments an outfit. Flair For Finery can be extremely flattering paired with dark and monotone clothing like black, dark grey, violet, navy blue, etc. In this case it will act as the perfect contrast to break up the monotony. It also goes well with sheer articles of clothing.


* Amorous – From the MAC Satin class of lipsticks, is a very pretty deep (the deepest) mauve color. It wears well and lies directly in between the textures of a matte and a creamsheen. Amorous is a very sophisticated and classy, but at the same time fun and flirty color. It can be worn everyday, both in and outside of the office. This color pairs very well with a suit or jeans and a cute little blazer.


Do you have any MAC collections lipsticks? Which ones? Which MAC lipsticks to you love the most?



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